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Bike/Walk Scanning –

The program encourages kids to bike, walk, and scooter to get to school. Children are issued a small plastic card with a barcode on it. When students get to school, by means other than a car, they can go to the table at the bike racks to get checked-in. Once checked in, the child’s traveled distance will be added to their records and their total-to-date will be read to them. This gives them a wonderful sense of accomplishment as their distance adds up!

Once children have checked in, a text message or email can be sent automatically, letting parents know their child’s tag was scanned into the system. However, these messages are not a guaranteed check-in system and must not be used to ensure a child has reached school. If the system or network is ever down (or your child is late or forgets to check in), calls to the office to check on a child’s safe arrival will result in cancellation of our ability to run the service, as the school staff cannot accommodate any “Did my child reach school?” phone calls.

To encourage kids to bike/walk/scooter to school, the program rewards students with “Coyote Cash” (fake money) that can be used to purchase prizes once a month.

This service is being offered for free at this time through a grant from the City of Davis, and we thank them greatly for their support in helping us and the world Go Green!

Directions to register and get started can be found here!